Vishal Suman

Vishal Suman

Senior Graphic Visualizer & Designer

January 8, 20242 min read55

Learning and Mastering Manual Mode Transformed My Photography Journey


Embarking on the journey of learning manual mode wasn't just about capturing better pictures; it evolved into a deeply personal exploration. It signified a shift from relying on auto-settings to unveiling the art of visual storytelling and creative collaboration in a profoundly intimate way. When I first delved into photography, using auto mode felt like the easiest path to capture moments with minimal hassle.

Driven by a genuine desire to improve my photography, I immersed myself in online tutorials, eager to absorb valuable advice. However, applying those tips to my photos didn't yield instant results. I came to realize that photography is more than technicalities; it's a potent storytelling tool. This realization prompted a shift in my approach. Despite witnessing improvements in my work, a gap persisted between my aspirations and accomplishments, fueling my determined journey to master manual mode photography.

The turning point in this transformative journey occurred when I joined PulsePlay Digital, where Anup Rai became not just a mentor but a guiding light. He not only honed my technical skills but also shared profound insights into crafting captivating photographs. This marked a crucial step in my evolution from depending on auto mode to mastering manual settings, elevating both my technical finesse and storytelling abilities.

Taking it a step further, I ventured into team photography, unlocking the dynamic realm of collaborative creativity. Working with a team added a new dimension to my craft, emphasizing the importance of coordination and communication in capturing truly resonant moments. This collaborative spirit emerged as a driving force in my continuous growth, as I eagerly embraced new techniques in my expanding photography repertoire.

Venturing into team photoshoots became a pivotal phase, underscoring that photography is more than freezing moments in time; it's about weaving a visual narrative that speaks volumes. The challenges and triumphs of these experiences enriched my understanding of storytelling through photography, infusing depth and meaning into every frame.

Despite making strides in my photography skills, the journey remains an ongoing adventure. Anup continues to be a steadfast source of inspiration and guidance, introducing me to new techniques and perspectives. As I explore uncharted territories, armed with knowledge and passion, the future promises exciting possibilities. This blend of teamwork and continuous learning has become the beating heart of my evolving photographic narrative, capturing the essence of learning manual mode photography and the delicate art of visual storytelling in a profoundly human way.