#HimalayasDigital – Content, Conversations, Community, Classified Ads Commerce Ecosystem Initiative by PulsePlay Digital

  • - Learning from the living cosmos
  • - Empowering life, living, livelihoods and lifestyle
  • For students, farmers, services professionals, civil professionals, micro / small and medium entrepreneurs, traders, performing artists, creators, handicraft artisans, sportsmen, home makers, labourers and more


    • Character
    • Capability
    • Conversation
    • Capacity
    • Creators
    • Community
    • Communication
    • Collaboration

    Deepak and Shruti, Co-founders of PulsePlay Digital lived and worked in USA for about a decade and then 8 years in Dubai, UAE. They moved to Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, India to contribute back to their roots. PulsePlay Digital was founded on the principles described in the Values section

    After moving lock, stock and barrel to the Himalayan region, Deepak and Shruti realised there is a need for a platform focussed on the Himalayan region. So, www.himalayasdigital.com was launched to focus on the wider Himalayan ecosystem - people, places, products. This is a platform for classified free ads, events, inspiring journeys, videos, media and more

    This platform is currently a web based platform and a mobile app will be developed

    Heart of hearts

  • Digital skill development
  • Himalayan region towns, village networks
  • Himanayan region NGO partnerships
  • Local community engagement & development
  • Communities

  • Digital India
  • Financial Inclusion
  • Business owners connections and spotlight
  • Businesses

  • Collaboration & Brand tie-ups
  • Collaborate with Influencers and Creators
  • Bring investments in the Himalayan region
  • Investment Influencers

  • Himalayan region stories and spotlight
  • Media and outreach
  • Content curation and creation
  • Local - vernacular, different languages
  • Media

    Global Dreams

    Build Creative & Tech Ecosystem

    Equity + Equal Opportunities

    Skill Development

    Access + Empowering Communities

    Global Presence

    Start-Up Lab & Foundry

    Web 3.0/ VFX/ Metaverse Labs / Studios

    5 Value Creation Unicorns