PulsePlay Digital is proud to collaborate with global leaders across various domains, geographies and functions.

Advisors at PulsePlay Digital advise and mentor our teams on strategy and services and solutions offerings to our clients.

Advisors bring their cross functional wealth of experience, insights, perspectives and networks across geography, business, technology, media, advertising and academia.

This helps PulsePlay Digital to make sure ‘the main thing’ (Purpose), continues to remain ‘the main thing’ - Empowering the Himalayan Digital & Technology Ecosystem by:

  • Nurturing world-class technology, digital and creative skills in the Himalayas and creating jobs
  • Bringing global brands, projects to the Himalayas; creating delivery excellence and providing value to our clients on cost efficiencies, quality and speed of execution
  • Positively impacting the wider Himalayas region and communities
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