Strong values that bring great people together to shape culture


PulsePlay Digital is a people-first company. Our company is established to advance people-first principles to grow people- our teams, our customers, our communities


PulsePlay Digital’s purpose is to advance overall development of the Himalayan region in a sustainable and scalable way by empowering people, brands and communities


PulsePlay Digital’s principles focus on character, capabilities, capacity, creativity, content, conversations compassion, communities and meaning commerce


PulsePlay Digital’s promise is to consistently iterate, optimize and be focused on positive outcomes for our teams, customers and communities


PulsePlay Digital endeavours to learn and perform no an ongoing basis to deliver results driven growth for our teams, customers and communities


5 E’s Elements. Energy. Engage. Ecosysytem. Economy.


Immersed in five elements in the lap of Himalayas. Live an optimal healthy lifestyle


Bring energy to the team, clients, programs


Being engaged with attention to detail in all things we do


Create a vibrant digital technology ecosystem


Be a net positive contributor to the local economy and communities


4 Functions Imagine. Design. Build. Perform.


Inspire. Ideate. Imagine

  • Imagine the limitless possibilities that the digital ecosystems provide
  • Imagine fresh ideas. Imagine agility, growth, execution. Imagine what’s next
  • PulsePlay Digital team sits at the intersection of branding, story telling, customer journeys, content, design, creative production, commerce, advertising technology (adtech), marketing technologies (martech), marketing automation
  • Imagine collaboration. Imagine multi-disciplinary perspectives with PulsePlay Digital team


Draw. Decipher. Design

  • Designs convey emotions. Modern design calls for begining with blue-sky thinking approach and multiple perspective and multi-lens comprehensive framework to bring sketch, graphic, 2d, 3d, motion, video, words, colors that put a spotlight on brand voice and tells a story that connects
  • PulsePlay Digital’s design lab brings together dedicated and experienced designers across sketch, graphics, web, mobile, ui/ux, product, animation, video and technology to bring to life/ design what brands Imagine


Base. Budget. Build

  • Clearity, comprehensive appoarch, communication and collaboration with our brand client teams sets the stage for the scope of solving for a use, program and campaign deliverables
  • Brands’ imagination is turned into design and specific deliverables for build. PulsePlay Digital’s digital technologists, creative artisits come together to weave the magic of design, formats, technology platforms to build and deliver on the imagined and designed products, campaigns, stories and narratives


Prepare. Perceive. Perform

  • Performance in the digital, physical, omni-channel ‘Attention Economy’ and markets requires strategy, budgets and optimising digital assets across Owned, Paid and Earned
  • Creative, content, compelling stories that connect are at the heart of brands and businesses that garner attention and stand the test of time in the ‘Attention Economy’. Messaging fuels imagination. Experience builds memories. Imagination and memories fuel perception. Perception drives performance

Heart of hearts

Himalayas is in our DNA. Living immersed in the Himalayas and mother nature inspires us in life and work


Basis use case, as fast as 4 weeks to imagine, design, build and perform

High Velocity

PulsePlayers are ego-free and embrace empathy from in everything we do


We endeavour to work with only happy associates, brands, client teams for life. We have experienced awesome meaningful work and productivity working with happy teams