PulsePlay Digital’s SAMRAF Digital Framework


‘SAMRAF’ Design and Delivery Framework ensures a comprehensive Integrated Digital Strategy & Approach to our client’s priorities and consistent projects and programs deliverables

Analysing the ‘Pulse’ of the audience, marketplace, micro / macro data points, various scenarios and levers at play an creating a winning strategic ‘Playbook’ for brands and clients in the ‘Digital’, Physical & Omni-channel ecosystem –


PulsePlay Digital’s approach is to

  • S – ‘Simplify’ complexity
  • A – ‘Apply’ comprehensively
  • M – ‘Modify’ iteratively
  • R – ‘Re-apply’ rapidly
  • A – ‘Amplify’ seamlessly
  • F – ‘Fly’ exponentially
  • We observe, listen, collaborate, ideate, articulate and SIMPLIFY to break complex into simple


    We adapt quickly and RE-APPLY and align to desired outcomes


    We bring ideas to life at speed and scale to APPLY for specific outcomes


    We constantly communicate, monitor, learn and AMPLIFY what works across channels and platforms


    We learn from data and combine intuition to continuously optimise, iterate and MODIFY


    We work with our clients and brands to help to discover new reach, audience, markets. We help brands FLY and Soar High


    Integrated Digital Strategy & Approach

    Simplifying and consistently optimising brand and business digital performance marketing goals with results to drive consistent ROI is at the core of PulsePlay Digital’s SAMRAF Design & Delivery Model. We work as One Team to achieve the desired performance driven goals and ROI on digital paid campaigns and digital enablement initiatives

    Digital Services

    PulsePlay Digital helps brands, businesses, entities, personalities to build digital capital by creating human first – digital first strategy; launch and stay relevant in the “always on” digital economy by identifying, connecting, retaining, growing audiences and customers

    Digital Solutions

    We provide tailor made solutions to achieve individual dreams and brand team business objectives for Start Ups, Small and Medium Businesses, MSMEs, Enterprise brands, businesses, organizations and personal brands