Anup Rai

Anup Rai

Head, Creative Production

December 13, 20232 min read124

Journey to Truind's Peak


The Beginning of an Adventure

We had been dreaming about the Truind trek for ages, and finally, the day arrived. PulsePlayers were buzzing with excitement. We left Dharamshala by bus, heading to Mcloedganj, and then took a taxi to Bhagsu. This was it, the start of our adventure!

Start of Triund trek from Bhagsu waterfall

Trekking Up

The trek started at the Bhagsu waterfall. It wasn't too tough but since most of us were new to trekking, we kept a steady, slow pace. The kids were having a blast, and so were we, munching on snacks, singing songs, and just soaking in the beauty around us. The weather was like a dream, with big fluffy clouds and sun rays playing hide and seek, giving us a cool shade to walk under.

Photos are a must! Capturing moments!!

We stopped now and then, enjoying some delicious Maggie and coconut water, and the packed tiffin boxes tasted better than any restaurant food. The journey, filled with laughter and songs, didn't feel like a task but more like a walk through a paradise.

PulsePlayers taking a short break and enjoying snacks on the way

Reaching the Top

After about four hours, we reached the top, and the view was nothing short of breathtaking. Our guide had already set up the camp, with tents, snacks, and everything we needed. As the evening set in, sipping tea with biscuits and enjoying another round of Maggie felt heavenly.

Our tents

We took tons of pictures and even did a cool drone shoot as the sunset. Dinner was a feast with both veg and non-veg options, and we ended the night with a fun game of Antakshri, singing our hearts out.

Some motivation :)

We stayed awake until 3 am, witnessing a magical moonrise from behind the mountains. It was surreal, like living in a dream. We captured these moments in photos, but more importantly, in our hearts.

The Return

Soaking in the morning sun

After a hearty breakfast of hot puri bhaji the next morning, we began our descent. Reaching Bhagsu around noon, some of us played in the waterfall, reliving our childhood.

As we parted ways, we realized that this trek was more than just a journey. It was about the laughter, the songs, the shared meals, and the wonder of nature - a reminder of the simple joys of life. Truind wasn't just a trek; it was an experience that would stay with us forever.