Ajay Singh Pathania

Ajay Singh Pathania

Graphic designer

January 8, 20243 min read29

Embracing Tranquility: Opting for the Himalayas Over the Bustle of Metropolitan Cities


People have the option and freedom to choose between Himalayan cities & Metropolitan cities, depending upon different personal factors like preference, lifestyle etc. Here are some of the reasons why I chose the Himalayas over the cities:

1. Natural beauty and serenity: In my personal opinion, I can say that because of uncluttered mountains, rivers, and forests around the Himalayas it is an excellent place to stay and scenic view surrounded with quite serenity which often gives peace and connection with nature for they are places where our mind gets a time out from busy city lifestyle.

2. Health and Well-Being: The fresh and pollution-free air of the Himalayas can be beneficial for one’s health. A more leisurely pace to life and availability of fresh organic foods will promote a healthier way of living.

3. Escape from the hustle and bustle of the cities: Urban cities are sometimes called moving mountains. They are notorious for their noise and confusion, traffic jams and fast life. Some people prefer life in the Himalayas because it is quiet, and getting away from stresses of city living for those people are not complicated.

4. Spiritual and Cultural Significance: The Himalayas have spiritual and cultural significance in many countries. People who are looking for a spiritual or meditation state see Himalayas as very interesting due to ancient temples monasteries and overall spirit.

5. Adventure and Outdoor Activities: There are various outdoor activities that can be done in the Himalayas such as trekking, mountain climbing and river rafting among others.

6. Community Life: Generally, the Himalayan community is cohesive where individuals have close social ties. People who are very interested in interpersonal relationships and a communal lifestyle can find this sense of community attractive.

7. Simple life: Life in Himalayas is simple and casual. Some people feel contentment by refocusing on the reduction of their material needs and practicing a more sustainable, eco friendly lifestyle.

8. Inspiration and creativity: Himalayas The serene surroundings of the location can cause both artists and writers, as well as individuals who are involved in creative development research have come a long way from peacefulness and beauty inspiring creativity self-fulfillment.

9. Balanced between personal, professional & social life: Working in metro cites outside home, creates a invisible gap between your personal, professional life & social life. So I decided to back to hometown in Himalayas, just to offset that with my own personal and professional & social life.

When living in the Himalayas and cities, it is vital to take into account your personal preferences, life objectives and sensible aspects considering that staying in either of the two choices also implies some positives as well negatives; what may be good for you might not suit someone else.