Vishal Suman

Vishal Suman

Senior Graphic Visualizer & Designer

December 15, 20233 min read75

Elevating Life with PulsePlay Digital’s Journey to the Himalayan Skies


Steering my family away from the chaotic rhythm of city life to the soothing tranquility of the Himalayas was more than a practical decision; it was a deeply human experience that resonated with the beating hearts within our close-knit circle. It wasn't just about altering our surroundings; it reflected a shared commitment to weaving a simpler, more intimately connected tapestry of life. This shift wasn't a mere change in location; it embodied our collective dedication to discovering joy in the nuances of our shared existence and cherishing the genuine connection that bound us together.

A Recommendation That Felt Like Home:

PulsePlay Digital entered my life through a recommendation from my uncle. What started as a professional suggestion soon transformed into a warm invitation to join a community that felt like family. Joining the company wasn't just about career growth; it was about becoming a part of a close-knit group of teams working towards shared dreams.

Exploring the Himalayan Dream Together:

Choosing to move to Dharamshala wasn't just a professional pivot; it was a decision fueled by the beating of my heart. The allure of the Himalayas had been a constant whisper, and when the chance to work here unfolded, I couldn't resist turning my dream into a lived reality. The towering mountains, serene landscapes, and lively culture of Dharamshala weren't mere surroundings—they became companions on a personal journey, wrapping me in a comforting embrace and transforming each moment into a story etched with human connection and warmth.

Bringing Family Closer to Nature's Embrace:

Guiding my family from the chaotic pace of city life to the peaceful sanctuary of the Himalayas unfolded as a profoundly human voyage. It surpassed the notion of merely altering our surroundings; instead, it became an intimate and collective choice to welcome a simpler, more deeply connected way of life. This transition wasn't just a shift in our physical location; it encapsulated the shared commitment of our hearts to uncover happiness in life's small pleasures and to hold dear the moments spent in each other's comforting presence.

Breathing Fresh Air, Living Fully:

As we mark the two-year milestone in our Himalayan journey, the most fulfilling transformation has been the transition from the city's stale air to the invigorating freshness of nature. It's more than just inhaling; each breath has become a shared celebration of the breathtaking beauty that envelops us. In the embrace of nature, we've unearthed a richer connection not only with each other but also with the vibrant world that unfolds around us, nurturing a shared sense of wonder and appreciation.

Balancing Digital and Natural Worlds:

PulsePlay Digital has become more than a workplace; it's a part of our everyday lives. Balancing the digital demands with the tranquillity of the mountains has been a collective effort. Whether it's a family video call with loved ones or a work meeting with the team globally, the digital world has seamlessly blended with our natural surroundings.

Joining PulsePlay Digital and moving to the Himalayas has been a profoundly human experience, filled with shared dreams, laughter, and growth. It's not just a career move; it's a shared journey of discovering the beauty of human connections amidst the majestic backdrop of the Himalayas. As we continue to write this unique chapter of our lives, we eagerly look forward to the shared stories, laughter, and discoveries that the Himalayas and PulsePlay Digital have in store for us.